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8 Reasons why accurate cost estimation is important in construction

by Casian | 27-01-2022

The Construction industry is different from the other industries because the end product here is either a building or a group of buildings. This final product takes months to produce and takes a large amount of personnel, machinery, materials, and investment. 

The process of estimating the financial and other resources required to execute a project is known as cost estimation.

Cost estimation aids in deciding about the capital required, planning the project timelines, and resource management. For this purpose, there are many cost estimating software are available for the construction industry that we can benefit from. Some of the best construction estimating software are Stack, Proest, clear estimates, and Focusedq.com. Here in this article, we will focus on the 8 reasons why accurate cost estimation is important in the construction industry:


1.       Deciding the road map

2.       Managing costs with Cost Estimation

3.       Funding

4.       Material Needed

5.       Equipment & Tools

6.       Labour Requirement

7.       Cost estimation helps in Cost-Benefit Analysis

8.       Tender and Cost Estimation


Deciding the road map:

Cost estimation is very crucial in deciding the road map of a project. Finalizing the budget of the project, planning the tasks, allocating the resources, and setting milestones all are dependent upon cost estimation. Cost estimation guides project leaders in deciding wise decisions on material available, costs of material, timetable, and milestones. Cost estimation is important in achieving the milestones on time effectively.


Managing Costs with Cost Estimation :

Cost estimation is used to gather data on the projected costs that will be expended on a project and to communicate this piece of information to different partners involved. This will allow the stakeholders in minimizing unnecessary costs and better control the costs. Cost estimators use previous data to forecast anticipated prices of material and equipment. Cost estimators are beneficial in controlling costs in a project. Cost estimation gives a basis for calculating variances from introductory costs. After evaluating the differences, parties can decide on corrective action in order to achieve the lowest possible costs. Controlling costs aids in the management of scope changes. Any modifications to the original expenses are recorded so that the projected final costs can be anticipated easily in the future. This cost control analysis keeps the project on track and prevents payment delays.



The cost estimate is used to determine the feasibility of the project. As construction projects are huge in nature sometimes they are carried out with borrowed funds. To get this borrowed funding the cost estimation helps attain the loans. The financiers analyze the cost estimation results before issuing a loan. The financiers also evaluate to see if the borrower can accomplish their goals while staying within their budget.


Material Needed:

When it comes to the material needed an accurate cost estimation is a vital part. Different kind of construction requires different materials. A residential project’s needs are different than a commercial project. So here is what cost estimator comes in handy as it helps select the proper material for the specific projects. It gives the idea about how much material, what kind of material to be used for that project to run smoothly. A breakdown in the tasks for the project gives a clear picture of how much material is required on the project. It is useful to purchase materials for the project in time so that there will be no delay in the project.


Equipment & Tools

For any construction projects, a number of tools and equipment will be required to complete the tasks. These tools and equipment could be small like threading oils, bandsaw, or huge like cranes. Some of the equipment needs to be borrowed from other parties if the owner/contractor does not own them. With cost estimation analysis the lists of equipment & tools needed will be available. It will be easier for the contractor to procure unavailable items and purchasing those items will be quite clear. Hence his profit margins will also be affected.  


Labor Requirement

A construction project is dependent on labor. An accurate estimation will allow the contractor in deciding the right number of labor required for the project. The labor needed for a project is decided earlier after assessing the requirements of the project. Having the right estimates on labor and work to be done can be helpful in deciding a work breakdown structure. It will be easy to keep track of the personnel and milestones this way.



Cost Estimation Helps in Cost-Benefit Analysis

The connection between an estimated benefit and cost is measured by the cost-benefit ratio. If this ratio is greater than one then a project's net worth to its firm and investors is predicted to be high. If it is lower than one then the project should be reviewed because the expenses outweigh the advantages. This analysis shows the overall worth of money when starting a new project.


Tender & Cost Estimation:

It is important to examine the right contract price by the cost consultant before granting a contract. The deciding element in many scenarios is the cheapest proposed amount. The cost consultant must review each estimate in the tender that the amounts do not differ from the values in the Bill of quantities. When a tender is too low a cost consultant can assess it. With the help of cost estimates, a client can award a contract.

Cost estimation is critical in setting quotations for the project. If we use reliable cost estimation software accurately we can minimize many upcoming issues. One of the most trusted software for this purpose is Focusedq.com. This online platform is easy to use, reliable, and gives accurate results. This platform has pre-built quotes that can be customized. Each quote template can be linked with questions. There are multiple options besides these for the customers.



As it is quite obvious from the above-stated reasons why cost estimation is very crucial in the construction industry. Cost estimation directly affects the tasks and milestones of a project. It also gives the idea of how much human resources are required for the particular project. The stakeholders involved will have a better understanding of the project costs involved and ultimately trust you are your expertise. Trust is crucial for the success of any business and the key to generating more business in the future. This will result in a win-win situation for all and ultimately result in more business.