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Bathroom Floors

Install new bathroom flo...

$10 per sq.ft
Carpet Removal

Remove and disposal of o...

$0.5 per sq.ft
Ceramic Install

Installing new tiles

$21 per sq.ft
Concrete Labor

Form, pour and finish co...

$22.5 per sq.ft
Demo Bathroom

Demo & disposal of tiles...

$2.99 per sq.ft
Demo Flooring

Demo, clean and prep flo...

$1.99 per sq.ft
Demo Laminate Flooring

Demo, strap and disposal...

$1 per sq.ft
Demo Shower/Tub Tiles

Demo and disposal of til...

$ per sq.ft
Demo Wall

Demo non load bearing wa...

$4.75 per sq.ft

Demo of original house, ...

$7 per sq.ft
Double Gate

Supply and build double ...

$60 per sq.ft

Excavate and removal of ...

$2.25 per sq.ft
Exterior Framing

Frame Exterior Building

$22 per sq.ft
Footings Install

Form, install rebar and ...

$14 per sq.ft
Foundation Wall Forming

Form & pour basement wal...

$7 per sq.ft
Foundation wall Waterproofing

Install plastic wrap aro...

$14.5 per sq.ft
Install Floor Tiles

Cost of labor to install...

$5.99 per sq.ft
Install handrail

Labor to install handrai...

$ per sq.ft
Install New Panel

Re & Re Electrical Break...

$2200 per sq.ft
Install New Sod

Prep and install new gra...

$2.25 per sq.ft