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Bathroom Floors

Install new bathroom flo...

$10 per sq.ft
Ceramic Install

Installing new tiles

$ per sq.ft
Install New Toilet

New Toilet Install

$169.69 per sq.ft

Dig & install patio ston...

$4 per sq.ft

change old plugs and swi...

$15 per sq.ft

Prep, remove and prime c...

$4.5 per sq.ft
Labour - Ceiling Painting

prep and paint as need

$1.25 per sq.ft
Labour - Door Painting

Prep and paint door as n...

$40.01 per sq.ft
Labour - New PT Fence

Install new post, fence ...

$19 per sq.ft
Labour-Hardwood Install

Prep and Install floorin...

$4.1 per sq.ft
Re & Re New Doors

Installation of new inte...

$55 per sq.ft
Threshold 5 in. x 30 in

MSI Beige Hollywood Styl...

$ per sq.ft