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20min Fire Door

Masonite 32-inch x 80-in...

$298.55 per sq.ft
3'x20' steel decking 20 GA

All Galvanized steel dec...

$625 per sq.ft

Pressure Treated Post

$28 per sq.ft
Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum Gutters

$18.75 per sq.ft
Carpet Removal

Remove and disposal of o...

$0.5 per sq.ft
Casement Windows

Casement windows swing o...

$1700 per sq.ft
Ceramic Install

Installing new tiles

$30 per sq.ft
Concrete Labor

Form, pour and finish co...

$22.5 per sq.ft
Demo Bathroom

Demo & disposal of tiles...

$2.99 per sq.ft
Demo Ceiling Drywall

Demo ceiling on the ceil...

$1.75 per sq.ft
Demo Flooring

Demo, clean and prep flo...

$1.99 per sq.ft
Demo Laminate Flooring

Demo, strap and disposal...

$1 per sq.ft
Demo Wall

Demo non load bearing wa...

$4.75 per sq.ft
Demo Wall Drywall

Demo and remove drywall

$1.25 per sq.ft

Demo of original house, ...

$6.25 per sq.ft
Double Gate

Supply and build double ...

$60 per sq.ft
Double Glass Door

6'0" X 7'0", Bronze Pre-...

$6285.33 per sq.ft